I am a tea drinker. I drink it hot, cold, plain, sweet, milked, lemoned, with fruit juice and all sorts of random ways. I just love the taste, the culture, the relaxation of making a hot cup in the afternoon or the satisfaction of drinking cold, sweet tea after a hike. I even like the bothersome little aspect of sorting it and shopping it and reviewing it and so on.

This is about one-half of the "Dickens of a Blog" that has went the way of a 1995 search engine. The other half would be located at my on Words page. A lot of the initial content will be a straight "port" over, but new content will show up as time wears on.

I also want to look at promoting the Huntsville, AL tea scene some, by reviewing local spots to buy tea and the latter.

Tea Musings

Using Juice as a "Sweetner". I have found that mixing juice in with tea is not only yummy, but seems to have a nice energy boost associated with it.

Genmaicha. Green tea mixed with roasted rice, an excellent and different sort of taste.

Six quick signs you have over-steeped your tea (19 Nov 2009). Ok, not really, but I had fun writing this. And, well, maybe you did oversteep it. See if you answer yes to any of these. Honest.

Tea Recipes

This is the link to my original batch of tea recipes. There are four on that page, two are kind of a "breakfast tea", one is a spirited pick-me-up green/oolong blend, and one is a juice + tea mix.

Doug's Winter Mix for 2010-2011 (Lapsang Souchong and Assam based) (28 Dec 2010). Going to a friend's post-Christmas party, I wanted a tea blend that would match the fresh snow on the ground and the wood smoke in the air. This is the blend...

Tea Reviews

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Ready-to-Drink Tea Beverages

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Me Shopping for Tea

Trip to the Kaffeeklatsch to fill my tea chest (7 Aug 2009). I took a trip and got some new tea. I discuss it. I know, I know: boring to most of you. I care, anyhow.

My two trips to Huntville, AL's new Earth Fare market (14 May 2010). I am cool with organic food, with cruelty-free strawbeeries, and non-high fructose beef collagen injected sodas: so a market that caters to those philosophies seems right in line with my way of shopping. I am also poor, generally speaking, and something of a misanthrope, so a busy and non-cheap store isn't quite my thing. Here, though, is my utterly non-definitive review of my first two trips to the Earth Fare market.

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For those who are more concerned about their caffeine consumption, The Republic of Tea: Tea and Caffeine and Stash Tea's Caffeine Content Information have good general information. Since a number of factors apply, you might want to try tracking down specifics from the brands you prefer to drink.

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