Hiking Anecdotes

How a nine mile hike became a personal lesson on dehydration (17 Apr 2011). Sarah and I set out to do a hike today, but due to tenacity and youthful (but fading) energy, ended up going for about twice the length as planned. Resulting in a serious case of dehydration that could have ended up much worse, except luckily one of us does not suck.

Other Spots, North Alabama

Cathedral Caverns (state park near Grant, AL) with my mom, Sarah, and McCoy - 29 photos (21 Oct 2009).

An Out-of-Shape Man reviews The Walls of Jericho (North Alabama) Hiking Trail w/ 22 pics (27 Nov 2009).


Sarah and I are the new owners of this tent...now...what to do with it... (23 May 2012). Sarah and I bought a tent. Now, where to go and what to do...

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