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General Writings on Myself

What's up with the Labyrinth?
A quick look at my obsession with spirals and labyrinths and mazes and masks.

Dealing with Depression
A brief history of my depression and things I have done to cope with it.

"Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?"
Discussing some of my political ideas.

Why I Got My Tattoo
As usual, a ramble about something I did...

Things I Hate About Me, a fun little blog thingie (9 Jun 2009). Why not? Let's list the things we hate the most about ourselves. Or something.

Doug and the Librarian Profession (my final for LS501) (15 Dec 2009). This sums up a lot of my ideas about why I want to be a librarian and where I think the profession is going and what I can do for it. It starts out with how I avoided the choice for a while, considering books as just a hobby, and ends with how I think I can contribute best to it.

My favorites of the Decade 2000-2009, Part 1 (TV Shows and Books), Part 2 (Movies and Horror Movies), and Part 3 (Music and Other things (19 Dec 2009). I break down a little over thirty of my favorite things form the past decade.

Sarah said they made a BuzzFeed article about me, holy Christ but she's right... (3 Jun 2013). BuzzFeed, that hive of semi-themed postings of other people's materials, had a recent post about introverts, near by birthday. Hmm...

My Family

My In Dreams Anecdote. aka, the movie my brother was in...ish (9 Mar 2012). My brothere was almost in a movie. Maybe was in a movie (if you look hard and fast). At least something he worked on was in a movie...

Bits that Illuminate Some of My History

The Difference Four Years Make to a Resume (08 Oct 2009). It's amazing how I'm actually hirable and good at my job now, when the same might not be true of four years ago.

A funny thing that happened, once, in a state park. Or, being relatively close to Sarah back in the day... (15 Oct 2009). Turns out, before I met my wife, during one of the worst storms I have been part of, I was like *this* close to her. It's pretty cool.

Over twenty years of watching Doctor Who (looking back at...) (13 Dec 2009).

NAWF - Never Argue With a Fundamentalist, The history and reasoning behind the phrase (25 Dec 2009). I discuss why I came up with the phrase and why I still stick behindit. Why you should to. Though I'm not going to really argue the point. *rimshot* Seriously, though, it will save you time.

Haze Greenfield's "Sounds of Thought" (3 Mar 2010). Danny and I bought a bargain-bin tape years ago. I recently tracked down the long out-of-print CD. Some memory lane, here.

What is possibly my greatest missed opportunity of all time...the case of the not-taken camera in the demoniac graveyard. (30 Jan 2012). There are some opportunities that you pass up for perfectly good, rational reasons, and later wonder 'But what if?'. I have a story about one of those, but the good news is, my immortal soul might have been saved by this missed chance.

How condoms can be a bother if not outright dangerous...etiquette, assumptions, and all that rubber jazz... (14 Mar 2012). Condoms have long been the standard icon of the prophylactic world, though recent debates on birth control have threatened to usurp. Figured I'd get a bit nostalgic about the ins and outs of the phallic sheathing with a couple of random oddities from my own life.

Still one of the most memorable [if not gosh darned cutest] things I've found on YouTube while searching for an unrelated video, and I keep forgetting that not everyone knows about it... (16 Feb 2014). One day, I was looking for a song. I found something else. Or, why Ula La is so gosh darned intriguing...

The missing package and the secret to the missing Mana cartridge (12 Apr 2014). I get a fair number of books via mail. One of which has disappeared into the occasional ether that is the post office. Speaking of things that should be there but aren't, let me tell you a story about a Secret of Mana cartridge...

Bolden New Year's Traditions and Superstitions: No cleaning, do what you want to do for the year, food, etc (1 Jan 2015). Picked up a few New Year's traditions from my family, have added a few of my own. How about you?

My Moral Code

Doug's Morals, Episode II (26 Aug 2008). In which I list my one commandment: Don't be an asshole.

A Softer World totally gets (and/or steals) my worldview. Also, SMBC on the "Good citizens have nothing to fear", kind of... (2 Feb 2012). I have a fairly simply philosophy about how to treat other people: do as good as you can, because what else is there? A Softer World totally gets it...

On Me Being Something of an Odd Duck

So, about the whole "Me and Christmas don't get along" thing (23 Dec 2009). I write about why I get so testy about Christmas, and how it's not just some Scrooge effect. Partly, sure, it was retail that did it to me. But it's also the sheer madness of the whole thing.

The night of many posts, dealing with the mood I am in, facing Doug's Third Rule about Blogging, and coming back on Monday (16 Jan 2010). Towards the end of the post, I talk about the various weird things I have from time to time.

I feel angry about things today (mostly politics, but others too). What angers, and what makes me happy to balance it out. (1 Feb 2010). Things have been getting on my nerves as of late, some things that have bothered me (with some things that have made me happy to counter).

Saying Goodbye to W (No, not George Bush) (26 Feb 2010). I am starting to shed my, as it were, initial initial. The reason behind it is mostly technical, but also it is starting to feel a little piffy to keep up. Ah well, goodbye old W and fair thee well.

Just what the hell *is* the Kitchen Ghost? (9 May 2011). I sometimes refer to the Kitchen Ghost (as does Sarah and a couple of our friends). Just what the hell are we talking about? Well, it is something like a series of weird events humorously named. That, and probably a soul sucking demon waiting for us to lower defenses...one of those.

New York Times: The Upside of Dyslexia (13 Feb 2012). NYTimes.com has a recent article on some surprising upsides to dyslexia. Some took offense. I'm relatively ok with it, since most of it seems to be true to me.

"Ah, Storms..."2006 in Review

The Dumb that Was 2007

This is the Year that Was: 2009

Obits and Other Milestones

I hate funerals.

I hate wakes more.

There will come a time where I will have been to dozens, I am sure, but I have sort of stopped going to them. So, I offer, in brief (and for no real purpose), a rundown of the deaths I have witnessed.

The first death I went through was my Grandma Bolden, or Emma. I didn't go through the death of the man I am named after, William Bolden, because he was already dead.

I have, since then, seen all my other other grandparents and step-grandparents die but one, my mother's mother, Grandma Wiggins, or Elizabeth.

I have seen two uncles die. I liked one but don't remember much about the other. The weird thing is, the one I didn't know much about is Uncle Bill (as in William, as in named after the guy I am named after, or maybe I am named after him). The other one is Uncle Jim. Uncle Jim was nearly the last funeral I could stand to see. I just couldn't take it any more.

Then came the death of my brother David's father in law. That one was rough, too.

My dad nearly died, but didn't. Of course, this story has a continuation...

Troy Jenkins was once my best friend, and his death has left me thinking about a lot of things. Thinking about Troy Jenkins is a half-ramble about what sort of things. He was one of the first to die in Iraq. He died still thinking that we would find nuclear weapons designed to kill his children. I do not know if that makes him lucky or not.

Amy Walker died on June 2, 2006, marking my second friend to die.

Sarah's step-grandfather Keith Kittle died September 10, 2006.

...Now for that continuation. June 5th, 2007, my father (Charles Robert Bolden) died at age of about 72. That's a good life to live for a man, and he was well loved and generaly well cared for. Goodbye, and goodnight, you cranky old man. I miss you.

My Brief Autobiography

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