Photos of various things and people connected to the Wife and I

Photos of I

General Photos of Doug.
These are general photos of me, from a wide range of time and places.

Misc Photos of Doug.
These are photos generally used as profile pics or are just otherwise odd or notable.

Photos of the Wife

Sarah, part 1.
These are general photos of Sarah, from a wide range of time and places.

Sarah, part 2.
These are photos more aimed at showing Sarah's beauty off.

Sarah, part 3.
These are very misc photos, the kind that are usually used to show something or are for very specific reasons.

Photos of the Pets

Photos of Cinderella.
Photos of one of our cats, Cinderella. She is Siamese and has been with us for some time.

Photos of Toasty.
One of our cats, he was given to us by our friend Strages when he moved. He has quickly developed a bit of a crush-hate relationship with Cindy.

Older, Black & White Photos of Cinderella.
I found a few black and white photos of Cindy and thought I would post them.

Photos of People

Alicia Photos.
These are a few shots of Alicia, most of from a night she stayed over and played Mario Kart DS with us.

The Boldens: Pictures of Sarah and Me.
We don't have a lot of these, but here are some pictures of Sarah and I together.

Group Photos I.
A random-ish collections of photos, with the general theme being photos involving either I or Sarah in with the group of people.

Photos of Sarah and Alicia.
Photos of Sarah and her sister Alicia.

Friends. Group Photos II.
Friends (on their lonesome) and group photos without either I or Sarah in them.

  1. Five years and one day ago, an elopement occurred (includes 7 photos from last night) (27 Oct 2009).

Photos of Events

St. Patty's Day 2007.
Over at Raymond's in 2007, we had a good ole time. Especially fun in that I got to hang out with my nephew for the first time in a long time.

Goodbye Sarah.
When we thought that Sarah and I were moving south, we got together with some friends just to have a good time and say goodbye.

Sarah's Birthday 2008.
Hosted at Big Ed's in Huntsville, a good number of our friends showed up. Overall a great time, an not too harsh on the budget, either.

Masque of the Black Death 2007/8 (page 2).
A annual New Year's Eve party focused on relaxation and a strong gin concoction.

  1. July 4th, 2009 with the Boldens. Includes a summary of the event.
  2. Handful of Photos from Sarah's first 10K (07 Sep 2009). Sarah ran a 10K race up on Monte Sano. Here are some photos from that event.
  3. The Halloween 2009 Party, and Why I Will Not Be Doing NaNoWriMo (with 7 photos) (02 Nov 2009).

Photos of Our Hobbies

The Greatest Jenga Game Ever Played.
A series of photos taken from a night when Sarah, Alicia and I played Jenga. It was actually not the greatest Jenga game ever played, but it was fun, and a couple of the shots make it look very impressive.

Hiking Photos I.
Photos of random things snapped (including us) while hiking up on Monte Sano.

Panther Knob and Cold Springs Trails.
These are really two kind of short and wonderful trails on Monte Sano (though the Panther Knob photos don't do a real good job of showing it).

A smattering of tennis photos involving Sarah and myself.

  1. Cathedral Caverns (state park near Grant, AL) with my mom, Sarah, and McCoy - 29 photos (21 Oct 2009).
  2. An Out-of-Shape Man reviews The Walls of Jericho (North Alabama) Hiking Trail w/ 22 pics (27 Nov 2009).

Photos of Places

Photos of Huntsville.
Taken around town, at various times.

Fontainbleu Terrace Apartments.
The apartments that Sarah and I have lived in together for a good part of our relationship. Located in Huntsville, AL.

Photos of Monte Sano's Japanese Tea Garden.
A few shots highlighting some of the various pretty sights around the Japanese Tea Garden in Monte Sano State Park

Some photos from UAH (or, as it is called now: UA Huntsville).

Big Spring Park Photos.
Various photos, tending to be green and slightly blurry, of sights and fauna around Huntsville's Big Spring Park

Photos All Misc and Stuff

Nosebleed Photos.
An annoying habit of my body is get a nosebleed about once a year. Here are some of the better photos chronicling this.

Photography focusing on books or the act of reading..

"Retro"-Gaming Photos.
A set of photos in which I play games over a decade old.

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