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Over twenty years of watching Doctor Who (looking back at...) (13 Dec 2009). I spent a lot of time in my childhood watching Doctor Who. Now, on DVD, I am watching him again. I dig it.

The Rare Case of the Doctor Altering His Own Timeline: "Dalek" vs. The Battle at Canary Wharf (19 Feb 2011). Doctor Who plays fast and quite furious with causality, and for every time the Doctor whips out some speech about the Web of Time (see, amongst many others, The Resurrection of Mars audioplay) there is some other time where he is offering some advice to a painter or tweaking something he thinks is broken. Still, he tries to go on and on about impacting his own time stream. There is one place where this rule is violated, maybe, and you can trace it with me.

The Tardis tops io9's Top 10 *Coolest* Time Machines (15 Mar 2010). I'm a sucker for time travel, even though I often hate the concept when *actually* applied. io9's Charlie Jane Anders lists the top 10 coolest. The Tardis wins...

io9 on the ten different shows that Doctor Who has been (25 Aug 2011). Doctor Who has mostly survived due the concept of reinvention, io9 discusses how this extends to the show concept itself.

Season 15 of classic Doctor Who as the center of Tom Baker's "The Doctor as Godhood" era story arcs (11 Nov 2011). Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor, which is often identified as THE Doctor of the classic era, explored many themes of mythology and godhood. The 15th season acts as sort of his entire run as microcosm.

The scene of the Doctor holding his ground against the War Machines as the soldiers, Ben, and everyone else flees is surely one of the greats of the early series... (23 Feb 2012). Two stills from the end of episode 3 of The War Machines as the Doctor holds his ground against #3 while everyone else, Sir Charles and Ben and the pre-Unit soldiers, flee.

Is Albert Campion really The Doctor in a prolonged disguise? Albert Campion helps people with their problems (especially when their problems are murder), much like the Doctor. But the similarities do not stop there. Did the Fifth Doctor take some years off to become a parlor-murder sleuth? While the answer is obviously No, it still makes me chuckle to see the ways that he could possibly have.

Why an upcoming Eighth Doctor release from Big Finish has me especially excited, and the slight glitch it will create involving the Ninth Doctor's first episode (20 Jul 2012). In Dark Eyes, we finally get to see an updated Paul McGann outfit, hurrah. All is well and good in the world. Though this does create a bit of a weirdness with a brief glimpse in the very first episode of New-Who.

Watched The Ice House (Ghost Stories for Christmas 1978). Not quite sure what to make of it, but it feels oddly like an RTD-era Doctor Who (minus The Doctor) (11 Feb 2013). The Ice House is about Paul, away on a holiday, and the strange estate he is at. Seems normal and warm at first, but later, the ice house out back and the strange flowers that grow upon it start to bring a sinister edge to the whole thing.

My first Who regeneration experience and some thoughts about the latest one... (22 Aug 2014). I have been in the Whooligan boat long enough that I've seen a few [technically, all!] regenerations. Some quick thoughts.

First Doctor: William Hartnell

Serial 4 - "Marco Polo"

Second Doctor: Patrick Troughton

Serial 30 - "The Power of the Daleks"

Serial 47 - "The Krotons"

Third Doctor: Jon Pertwee

Serial 64 - The Time Monster (4 May 2013). Doctor Who has had its various vamps and sexpots throughout the years, and it has been remarked that the companions (largely female) are for the dads, but... Also, I talk about the episode in general...

Fourth Doctor Tom Baker

79 - Revenge of the Cybermen

Serial 84 - "The Brain of Morbius"

Serial 89 - "The Face of Evil" (26 Dec 2009).

Serial 90 - "The Robots of Death" (21 Dec 2009).

Serial 98 - "The Ribos Operation" (Key to Time part 1) (10 Feb 2010).


Foe From the Future [Big Finish Fourth Doctor Lost Story, starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson] (17 Jan 2012).

Sixth Doctor: Colin Baker


6 reasons [besides Frobisher] why I don't consider the Sixth Doctor comic, "The World Shapers", to be canon (5 Sep 2010).

Seventh Doctor: Sylvester McCoy

Serial 144 - "Time and the Rani" (30 Mar 2011).

Serial 145 - "Paradise Towers" (31 Mar 2011).


Virgin New Adventures 28: Blood Harvest by Terrance Dicks

Eighth Doctor: Paul McGann

Doctor Who: The Movie (11 Jan 2009).


Big Finish's Eighth Doctor Adventures - Series One, The First Half (starring Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith) (6 Jan 2010).


Eighth Doctor Adventures 1: The Eight Doctors, by Terrance Dicks

EDA 2: Vampire Science, by Justin Blum and Kate Orman

Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith

Two and two more (three more?) paragraphs about Doctor Who number Eleven (4 Apr 2010). Matt Smith began his term as the Doctor tonight, and Sarah and I had a good time. This is my brief account about what I thought.

The Problems with "The Victory of the Daleks" (Eleventh Doctor, s5e03) (20 Apr 2010). After thinking about it for a few days, I have come to a conclusion about what I felt was wrong with the recent Doctor Who Episode: "The Victory of the Daleks". Ironically, I think it was a matter of timing.

What/Who will be there when the Pandorica opens? My three guesses... (Note: Some [Slight?] Spoilers) (13 Jun 2010). My three guesses, and one fear, of what will be going down at the end of this (the Fifth/31st) season of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who's upcoming season gets a release date, a new short trailer, and another pun... (23 Aug 2012). This season of Doctor Who has one thing for sure: the trailers favor puns.


Justin Richards' Apollo 23 (24 May 2010).


Graceless, boxset 1 (20 Apr 2011).

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