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The Use of Public Domain Things

My big upcoming project: Doug remakes The Thing in the Lake by Eleanor M. Ingram (8 Feb 2010). I am thinking about rewriting a novel from near the turn of the century, to make it more of a horror novel and to test out my ability to do such a thing.

DoaB articles that use Public Domain Works

The two moral codes given in Crime and Punishment Part III, Chapter V and the Nietzschean notion of the Superman (14 Mar 2010). Near the end of the fifth chapter of the third part of Crime and Punishment, Raskolnikov and Porfiry Petrovitch (amongst others) get into a discussion about moral codes, stemming in part from a drunkden debate occuring at a party that Raskolnikov's friend Razumihin threw the night before. Both would be deemed immoral by many Americans today, but at their core they offer two different views of humanity worth considering, whether or not you agree they are worth adopting.

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